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    Jan Berghuis at MAS

    Jan Berghuis MAS interieur Den Haag

    Jan Berghuis, master in Ambient Art

    Jan Berghuis is active since 1978 in various radical and progressive disciplines and has had exhibitions in Washington, Paris, London, Arhus, Chicago, Atlanta, Philadelphia, London, Hamburg and the Hague. Jan berghuis exhibits several paintings over the next few weeks at MAS Interior. Berghuis always works in oil paint, oily oil painting! And yet always as smooth as possible, sometimes causing a picture surface with a classic 17th-century feeling. The topics are avant-garde inspired and are usually crystallized within a theme, always using the old craftsmanship for the creations of modern topics. As a great admirer of the Haagsche School he translates this impressionistic style to Ambient Art.

    Moere information about Jan Berghuis through this link.

    Jan Berghuis MAS interieur Den Haag