When you are going to renovate, it is recommended that you prepare yourself well and clarify your goals. 

You will have to deal with numerous and various companies and suppliers that are mainly involved in their own area. In order to achieve a good result, all these parties need to be coordinated and well managed. Our architect Marieke Tobias can help you with this in word and deed.

The steps to be followed are:  

  • Exploratory discussion(s)
  • Drawing up of a programme of requirements
  • Creation of sketch proposals floor plans
  • Preparation of final floor plans
  • Developing the design, materialization and installation proposals
  • Calculation of construction and drawing (if necessary)
  • Creation of technical description (or specifications)
  • Tendering (quotations of contractors and executing companies)
  • Final design (also tender drawing)
  • Permit (if necessary)
  • Drawing up the final draft and budget (choosing the implementing partner)
  • Execution under supervision of MASstudio
  • During the execution of the construction reports, budgeting and monitoring more or less work.
  • Final delivery home

It is also possible that you do not want to do the entire process with us, but only partly need our experience and expertise. Our input must be useful and valuable.

Do you have plans/ Submit them to us! Together we can decide what is useful.